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(the wheat factory)
the wheat factory
Horizontal expansion of cultivated land is increasingly decreasing for many reasons. I suggest going for vertical expansions. this could be done by building multi story hangers, say five story. In each floor we place a layer of sand/earth mixture having a depth that accommodates wheat roots. The different layers could be weather,humidity,by this way we can have afive fold crop could be fifeen folds for the same land area

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Relative speed generator
The principle is the utilization of the relative velocity.it has been noticed that, say it two trains are running in opposite directions ,then the relative speed is the sum of both speeds.
By looking at an electric generator we can see that there is a revolving element that rotates inside a stationery element. in our newly designed generator both elements move against each other. Which simply means that the same size generator will produce twice as much electric power for the same amount of thermal energy

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